FINA WORLD AQUATICS DAY, 2021 Part 7: Day 2 Celebration at The Best Venue Swimming Pool (Morning)

Nepal Swimming Association celebrated its second day of World Aquatics Day Celebration at Best Venue in the morning. Notable Members of the Association and athletes can be seen flaunting the FINA World Aquatics Day Flag, National Flag and T-shirts. Our Coaches delivered their oration regarding this celebration followed by a demonstrative dryland training exercise by the players. A video moment has also been captured while everyone honored the National Anthem and the FINA Anthem, About FINA World Aquatics Day: In January 2016, during the FINA Bureau Meeting held in Budapest, Hungary, a worldwide aquatic day was recognized to celebrate the aquatic sports around the world on a common day. The FINA World Aquatics Day is a day to celebrate and encourage the power of aquatic sports for social wellbeing and development in all corners of the world. It will be celebrated every year during the first weekend of July, before July 19th - the date of the foundation of FINA in London 1908, marking each year the anniversary of FINA.